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Feedback from LAUSD teachers:

Alan Perper teaches marketing to Media Academy students at Cleveland High School.

Dear Alan,

Finally, summer school is over and I have a moment to give you BIG THANKS! (Cue cheering crowds.)

I've been so excited about the element of the "biz" you are bringing to Cleveland that I've been bragging about it to other teachers and administrators. One of our mentors, a recent graduate of a film program said, "I didn't get that kind of class in college!" And everyone says, "What a great idea".

It is a great idea. You are using the films that the kids are going to see ("The Simpsons", "Hairspray"), so you have an instant connection to their curiosity. Revealing to them the economics that drives the business is a big eye opener for them, and because you're talking about money, they are listening!

And visuals! You have trailers, power point presentations and the marketing pieces from the studios that distributed the films. In addition, you have a very effective teaching style - it's interactive and fun, and challenges our students to think and reason. And what a revelation for them to see how their choice in movies is often tied to the genius and budget of the marketing campaigns behind the films.

I am so excited about your ongoing Marketing 101 class - and can't wait to make plans for the Fall!

All the best,

Evelyn Seubert
Film Production Instructor
The Media Academy at Grover Cleveland High School

Katie Clark helps out in a middle school English class.

Hello, Katie. I am writing to thank you for being so wonderful, generous, and capable. Over these two days you have graded, logged, sorted, charted and filmed. I cannot explain what a gift it is to be able to hand something off and know that it will be handled with thoughtfulness and care. You have helped me so much in just a short time and I am so excited.

I wanted to let you know how much of an impact you have already made in my classroom and how very much I appreciate it.

Melissa Minkin
Middle School English Teacher
Edison Middle School